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Create a new Section

Before creating a new section please take note of the names of the elements the section is made of and the id of the block you need to add a new section.
To create a new section you will need to use the static method
MBurgerAdminTasks.addSection(applicationContext, block_id, params, params_file, Locale.getDefault().getLanguage());
Where params is an ArrayList of MBAdminParameter and params_file is an ArrayList of MBAdminParameterFile.
You will also need to provide the Locale (in “it” like form) for multilanguage sake support.
If the locale you’ll provide is not supported the API will return an error.
For the address field you should just give the textual address, MBurger API will automatically retrieve latitude and longitude of the address.
For example, if your section is composed like:
  • title -> text field
  • content -> text field
  • link -> text field
  • image -> array of media (images)
So your code for adding a new section (assuming the supported locale is the same as your device) will result like this:
//EditTexts for inserting content
val edt_title: EditText
val edt_content: EditText
val edt_link: EditText
var listener: MBAdminApiAddSectionListener
var block_id = //BLOCK_ID
//URI of the image, taken from camera or gallery
var img_uri: Uri
fun addSection() {
val params = ArrayList<MBAdminParameter>()
params.add(MBAdminParameter(“title”, edt_title.getText().toString()))
params.add(MBAdminParameter(“content”, edt_content.getText().toString()))
params.add(MBAdminParameter(“link”, edt_link.getText().toString()))
val params_file = ArrayList<MBAdminParameterFile>()
val files = ArrayList<MBAdminSingleFile>()
getUriRealPath(application(), img_uri)));
params_file.add(MBAdminParameterFile(“image”, files));
Where getFileName(), getMimeType(), getUriRealPath(getApplication(), img_uri) are methods to obtain the image name, image mime type and the full file path from the image Uri you should implement on your own.