Authenticate a user

Email and password

After registering the user, you can authenticate it with its email and password.

All the communication with the server is made in https, so all the data is encrypted.

If the authentication is correct, the api will return the access token.

This token will be put in the Authorization header for each subsequent call to all the MBurger apis.

await MBAuth.authenticateUser('email', 'password');


MBurger offers the possibility to authenticate a user with social networks too.

Socials currently supported:

  • Google

  • Facebook

  • Apple

await MBAuth.authenticateUserWithSocial(

If the user logs in with apple you need to pass to this function also the name and surname because those cannot be retrieved by the server

How to know if user is logged in

You can see if a user is currently authenticated with MBAuth.userLoggedIn().

If a user is authenticated you can retrieve its access token with MBAuth.userToken() else this will return null.

To logout the current user:

await MBAuth.logoutCurrentUser();

MBAuth saves the user information using the flutter_secure_storage package.

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