Serialization & Equality


All the object models implement the Codable protocol so you can serialize and deserialize them without having to implement it. Below the list of objects that implement this protocol.

  • MBProject

  • MBBlock

  • MBSection

  • MBElement

  • MBMedia

  • MBAddressElement

  • MBCheckboxElement

  • MBDateElement

  • MBDropdownElement

  • MBGeneralElement

  • MBImagesElement

  • MBMarkdownElement

  • MBMediaElement

  • MBRelationElement

  • MBPollElement

  • MBTextElement

  • MBColorElement

  • MBMultipleElement

  • MBUser


All the model objects are conform to the Equatable protcol based on the corresponding id (e.g. an MBSection will result equal to another MBSection object if they have the same sectionId)

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