Register a new user

If you wish to register a new user you will have to call the MBurgerAuthTasks.registerUser(โ€ฆ) method.

Be aware that a Nooko user contains these fields, some required, some not required, and some autofilled when registering.

  • (Auto-filled) ID

  • (Required) Name

  • (Required) Surname

  • (Required) Email

  • Phone

  • Image

  • Auxiliar data

  • (Auto-filled) Auth mode

Where Auxiliar data is an arbitrary string you can pass while registering a user.

So registration code will result:

private var listener: MBAuthApiRegisterListener
private var edt_name, edt_surname, edt_email, edt_password: EditText
private var phone: String
private var img_uri: Uri
private var auxiliar_data: String

    listener,                             //Listener for registration
    edt_name.getText().toString(),        //Name, REQUIRED
    edt_surname.getText().toString(),     //Surname, REQUIRED
    phone,                                //Phone number, nullable
    img_uri,                              //Image, nullable
    edt_email.getText().toString(),       //Email, REQUIRED
    edt_password.getText().toString(),    //Password REQUIRED
    auxiliar_data);                       //Auxiliar data nullable

This method wonโ€™t return anything less than an error if the email is already taken or any other problem occurred.

To obtain the profile of the user and also to call all the other API with this authorization, you will need to login this user.

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