You can add functionalities to MBurger with plugins: classes that conform to the MPPlugin protocol that extends the functionalities of MBurger.

Below there's a list of MBurger plugins supported


MBMessagesSwift is a plugin libary for MBurger, that lets you display in app messages and manage push notifications in your app. The minimum deployment target for the library is iOS 11.0.

Using this library you can display the messages that you set up in the MBurger dashboard in your app. You can also setup and manage push notifications connected to your MBurger project.


MBAudienceSwift is a plugin libary for MBurger, that lets you track user data and behavior inside your and to target messages only to specific users or groups of users. This plugin is often used with the MBMessagesSwift plugin to being able to send push and messages only to targeted users.


MBAutomationSwift is a plugin libary for MBurger, that lets you send automatic push notifications and in-app messages crated from the MBurger platform. It has as dependencies MBMessagesSwift and MBAudienceSwift. With this library you can also track user events and views.

Using MBAutomationSwift you can setup triggers for in-app messages and push notifications, in the MBurger dashboard and the SDK will show the coontent automatically when triggers are satisfied.

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