MBurger Explorer

At this repository you’ll find a comprehensive, full-force sample app, with:

  • Home page

  • Photo gallery

  • Custom WYSIWYG

  • Contact data

  • Points of interest

  • List of partners

  • News list with detail.

This sample teaches the basics of how to use MBurger:

  • Install the SDK

  • Initialize the SDK

  • Fetch Blocks and Sections

  • Use Filters

App Requirements

  • Android Studio 3.1

  • Target Android version 27

  • Min SDK Version 17

  • INTERNET permission


MBurger Usage and Tutorial

MBurger is initialized in the App class with a demo API KEY.

It’s essential to initialize Nooko at the start of the application or else you won’t be able to use the sdk API.

This sample uses MBurgerTasks static methods to retrieve data from MBurger dashboard. This class has public static functions which will call asynchronously MBurger API.

You have 2 ways to retrieve data from API:

  • Listener

  • Actions

In this sample, we are using the actions approach.

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