Create the project

Create an empty project with XCode, then create a file called Podfile in the root directory of the project. We will use the Swift language, but all of this can be translated to Objective-C.
We will use CocoaPods to install the SDK in our project. If you have not installed CocoaPods yet, open a terminal window and run this command:
$ gem install cocoapods
After, create a Podfile, this can be done by running
$ pod init
Open the Podfile create and write this, replacing YourTarget with the name of your target:
platform :ios, '10.0'
target 'YourTarget' do
pod 'MBurger'
Then open terminal and run
$ pod install
This will create a new .xcworkspace file, so remember to use this from now on.
If everything has gone well you will have installed the MBurger SDK in your project.
Add the MBurger SDK dependency from Maven or download it from the Github project page, then open Android Studio and click on New Project, setting up minimum SDK at least OS version 4.2.