Add/Edit a section

You can add a section to a block with the function addSectionToBlock(withBlockId:elements:success:failure:).

To call this function you need to create an array of elements confrom to MBUploadableElementProtocol.

To create it use the MBUploadableElementsFactory that is created.

A MBUploadableElementsFactory is allocated with a locale identifier and creates object with this locale identifier.

All the integrity controls of the server are still present in the APIs, and you will find the description of the error in the object passed to the failure block.

Below is an example code to create a section.


let factory = MBUploadableElementsFactory(localeIdentifier: "it")
let elements: [MBUplodableElementProtocol] = [factory.createTextElement(name: "name", text: "text"),
factory.createImageElement(name: "name", image: UIImage(named: "image_name")!)]

MBAdmin.addSectionToBlock(withBlockId: BLOCCK_ID, elements: elements, success: { sectionId in

}, failure: { error in

With a MBUploadableElementsFactory you can create:

  • an array or a single of image with MBUploadableImagesElement

  • an array or a single of image with MBUploadableFilesElement

  • a text with MBUploadableTextElement

  • a checkbox element with MBUploadableCheckboxElement

The edit function is very similar to the add.

It will modify only the fields passed and the other elements will remain untouched.

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